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A Christian testimony about recovery from the brink of despair of suicide, and restoring faith, life, and hope,
Valley of the Shadow is available in paperback, hardback, and electronically from 




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 Authors  Elizabeth (mom) and Erin (daughter) Stone share their inspirational story about Erin's suicide attempt and recovery, a testimony of grace and renewal through faith. 

“I found her in the closet, that is how the nightmare began . . ."
     When my daughter Erin attempted suicide in 2007, we were blindsided, and this event did not fit nicely into our neat little churchy world.  We soon found out that it didn’t fit neatly into the churchy world of most of our family, friends, faith community, and acquaintance.  Our journey to recovery, both Erin’s and our recovery as a family, was hard, and long, most often isolated from other believers who didn’t know what to say or do.  When I asked Erin if I could write our story, I was amazed when she volunteered to help write it and share, so candidly, the dark night of her own soul and the light she found in faith.
     This book is a product of that time, a testimony to the grace that came to us in the darkest days we had yet known.  Very autobiographical, it brings you into our intimate family circle, and also into the intimate darkness that seeped in and enveloped the soul of our sweet daughter Erin.  You will climb with us – by God’s grace – from the valley of the shadow of death to the healing of the mountain of God.  As you read it, we pray you find encouragement, seeing that our God is faithful in the hardest times.  We also pray that we as people of faith will step into our divine calling of bringing the hope of the Gospel to the toughest life problems, in our lives and in our churches.