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Erin Stone

Erin has journeyed far since her suicide attempt in 2007.  She has a bachelor of business administration with a concentration in wedding and event planning, has competed in ballroom dance, worked in the hospitality industry in West Virginia, and currently works in internet sales.  In ministry, Erin has worked in youth ministry through camp counseling and directing.  With courage she shares her story not only in print, but also speaking to youth groups, camps, schools, and college classes, challenging others to embrace life through faith.

Reverend Elizabeth Stone 

From teacher to mom to teacher to grandmom to pastor, Elizabeth uses her communication skills in teaching and languages to make the Bible accessible and understandable. Her decades of experience in education, directing church camp, music, and college and hospice chaplaincy give her a passion for unifying faith and vocation. With a B. S. in mathematics and a master of divinity from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, she is ordained to the ministry of the Word and sacrament, and continues to pastor the Bradley Church.  Serving as a member of the WV Suicide Prevention Council and as an advocate with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, she been a featured speaker at churches, women's groups, seminary classes, seminars for emergency responders, and church retreats.